Message to My First Blog Follower

It’s my heartwarming minute to discover that you are the 1st follower of my blog. I moreover trust that your entry would bring luck in adding more readers and followers worldwide. When referring to blog followers, it’s not about the popularity but while publishing any sort of post if it go overlooked by the globe then the survival of any blog becomes a question as the blogger feel low. Furthermore, enrichment of blog content also depends on suggestions and feedback of the readers and followers. 
Therefore I am here to convey my appreciation message and thank you for being my 1st blog follower. Also, I’m looking ahead for your support in developing my blog since you are one of the veteran blogger in Bhutan.

Thanking you



  1. Welcome to the world of blogging..

  2. U have got a beautiful blog. Keep updating it, n count on me that reads ur blog everytime.

  3. Thank you for your kindness! I wish you happy blogging~