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Green Vibes; The First Fresh Juice Bar

An up-and-coming young entrepreneur, Kinley Wangdi from Wangduephodrang has in fact broken new ground in Thimphu with his most recent company called Green Vibes. Located to the left of Zombala restaurant in Hongkong market, the Green Vibes is a juice bar set on the ground floor of Kelwang building with simple but contemporary interior looks.

If you are someone who is health conscious, Green Vibes is the place you are assured of mouth watering smoothie. His smoothies are blend together of fresh fruits and vegetables bought from local farmers. At all times the drinks are organic and sugar free with no other preservatives, and in that way making it more juicy and nourishing. A sip of these rich textured smoothies is a beautiful means to get fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Initially he started a home based delivery business as a prototype which later shaped into a beverage company with financial support from Loden Foundation. Today, he not only provides employment opportunities, but also promotes organic fruits and vegetables grown by our farmers. Beside indoor customers, he also carters his smoothies to UN house, DHI, RMA, and many more.

Down the line, he wishes to see the outspread of his smoothie outlets in other Districts too. The set of choices will also be twofold after launching of cold place juice and sugar free biscuits. Nevertheless, to fulfill his dream there need to be the whole time supply of raw materials which is one of his major business challenges. It’s not easy for him to locate organic fruits like water melon and pineapple even during the season. He has a plan to establish nurseries in his village (Dangchhu) as an answer to the existing challenge. Despite few obstacles, Green Vibes is on the rise and will get the better set in the business.

To me Green Vibes gave a first-rate service and hope that it will go on with the same spirit to fulfill expectation of every customer. And I also welcome Green Vibes as a board member of Jangsem Monday; a meatless Monday campaign. The Jangsemian wearing T-shirt, wristband or badge will also be offered certain price cut, so do visit Green Vibes.   


From Father to a Missing Angel

Like a heavenly star you appeared from the rainbow, weaving rich pattern in my life. Your form akin to an angle by no means gave chance to put up the shutters of my eye. There was no one other than your mom and me who may perhaps understood the cooing and gurgling words, and to this rhythm, for a moment or two, I used to move my head around, snap the fingers and let my toe tap on the floor to boogie in joy. I was never troubled by your late night cries for you greeted me with your lovely smile as and when I wake to pick you up in my knees. When you are unwrapped, you would hurriedly move your hands and legs like a bird freed from the cage, and I used to quietly laugh seeing my baby girl ready to fly.

When I say ‘fly’, I in no way thought you would fade away in the clouds and never turn your face back to see how unhappily your mom and dad are breathing without you. I never knew who may come as my new family member; you were my daughter by destiny and not by a choice. Now, repeated the same by not knowing when you would leave to the world of angels. I regret not to have you waited for a minute; given the chance I would have begged you not to go away or if not at least get a farewell kiss from you. Few days ago you were close to me wrapped by multicolored costumes, and few nights ago you were away from me somewhere roofed by a coffin. Today, standing on this peak of agony, I think what if you come back like a sun that resurfaces after having been covered by blanket of clouds. Sometime, I wait for someone to wake me up from the dream in which my daughter dies ahead of time, and before me. No matter to what extend my heart is broken I will cover my pain to wipe the tears of your mom. My angel, my late daughter, I pray to the peer of the realm that you be born very soon as a good human being in a family of noble, and let us be reunited when I breathe my last air if not in this life time. Only if I cut my heart half, the world will know how badly I miss you. My words will never have end and will not my tears, so  it would be good for myself if I stop here. Miss you my angel.


Jangsem Monday; a meatless day campaign

Monday or the day of moon is a milestone in the datebook of different religion. The Jews read Torah, the foundational text in the morning of Monday while Hindus go for fasting to please Lord Shiva. It is said that the Orthodox Church observes it as an angel’s day where as the Theravada Buddhist celebrates it as a day of dispelling fear; Buddha’s relatives were disputing on the water rights which when he returned from heaven on the day of moon persuaded to compromise. So, keeping in mind on about the overlapping of such religious events on Monday and moreover being it the first day of week, we need to do something different than our normal routine. To begin the week with meat free meals would be interesting indeed.

History reads that during World War I, the US government received a word of honor signed by 13.0 million civilians in support of ‘Meatless Monday’ and ‘Wheat less Wednesday’ with a common target to aid the war by lessening the consumption of rations. This movement was revived in 2003 by Sid Lerner in association with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of public health after having found that to cut meat once in a week is worthwhile than reducing fats in every meal. As of now there are 44 registered countries supporting the meatless Monday campaign.

In Bhutan, Meatless Monday is known as ‘Jangsem Monday’ which literally is a day of awakening mind. Our main objective is to inspire a diet which helps in saving the animals from being slaughtered, a diet which save us from gaining weight, and a diet which pull out us from competing with starving people. More importantly we address damaging impact of animal agriculture to the global climate change.

Not only the animals are butchered but when breathing they are kept in unsanitary jam-packed condition, and the unwell ones are left with no one to look after. It was recorded that every year 55 billion farm animals are slaughtered to feed 7 billion people and the count will heighten with population on the rise. However, 1 in 8 people are starving in the view of fact that 33 % of global cropland is used to cultivate animal feed crops and 30% of agriculture harvest is not feed to people but to the farm animals so as to meet the requirement of meat. In so doing, the meat industry produces 1/5 of the man made green house gas which means going meatless once in a week is far better than taking 240 million cars off road annually.

Therefore, why wait before its too late? Take a pledge to meatless Monday, and be in board of ‘Jangsem Monday’. One day in a week can make difference.