Open letter on About last Rites of H.E Shamarpa

Late Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche

Dear Nepal,

This is to send words that we the aficionados of Karma Kagyu are wounded when your government decided not to permit the entry of sacred body of H.E Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche for his last rites. Though acres of land in hundreds of Karma Kagyu monasteries are on hand for the cremation of our late master, we are still trying to win the heart of Nepal only to have the soil of Sharminub Foundation in Nepal be endorsed for the mentioned purpose. The government having turn deaf to the call of devotees, the ultimate voyage of Kudung Rinpoche to Nepal which earlier was scheduled on 14th July failed and thereby making all the globe wait in Kalimpong for such a long days. If Rinpoche during his lifetime had not made wish in front of thousands during world peace ritual ceremony in Nepal few years back on about his last rites to ensue in the land which gave birth to father of Buddhism (Buddha), we like insane would not at all disturb the ears of your government. But we still have hope in our hearts that your great government will understand our sentiments very sooner and therefore having trust in our own thoughts, the administration of Sharminub Foundation in Nepal continued with all necessary preparations as per the wish of our late master though decision from your state was not yet clear.

Due to political workloads, your government may have forgotten the pending spiritual issue which I thought is necessary to once again remind as the date line for final rites is very near. The Kudung Rinpoche shall be cremated on 31st July coinciding to first sermon of Lord Buddha which I believe is very near now. Whatever the reason may be for rejection of the proposal, we as devotees would not be very comfortable to stand in front of the next reincarnation of our master in future for having not fulfilled his only wish when he during his lifetime worked hard to fulfill the wishes of all the sentient beings.Though he the late master is Bhutanese by citizen, I don’t support the move to bring the sacred remain here in Bhutan or back to Delhi on taking consideration of the wish made by him. Every Bhutanese (including me), Indians, Germans or any other Buddhist States would wish to have the final voyage of Kudung Rinpoche be in their home but it’s lucky that he the great one had chosen your nation for his final rites, and I am sure your countrymen felt the same as what rest of the globe felt.

To support our proposal, it is not necessary to reflect history of how 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche were associated with the soils, people and kings of great Nepal because we have just read about his hagiographies in papers but it was your holy country that got opportunity to experience such blessing in the times of yore. Forget the tales of ancient times, just call to mind of how the late 14th Shamarpa contributed to spirituality of Nepal in recent years. 

So, may I appeal at this moment to your great nation to find solutions in nullifying the retraction order for the entry permit of Kudung Rinpoche issued by Home Ministry?

Looking forward for your great and kind support please

Thanking you
Yours Dharma Friend
Karma Thinley


  1. 這是中國政府的不人道行為。怎麼可能像中國這樣的國家發揮這樣的骯髒的政治一具屍體?它暴露了他們的脆弱性和不安全感。

  2. It is indeed very sad. Om mani pad may hung, om mani pad may hung, om mani pad may hung.....

  3. "This is the inhumane acts of the Chinese government. How could a country like China to play such dirty politics of a corpse? It exposes their vulnerability and insecurity"
    English Translation of Comment posted by Karma Tshering Bhutia (If you @K.T Bhutia wish not to publish your comment in English, then let me know so that I can remove this translation)