Blessing Rainy Day

Due to prays made in the times of yore by thousands of gods and goddesses and the fate of the entire living being, the south pole star of crystal water (Karma Rekhey) faces the cosmic Buddha known as Vairocana at Mount Meru for period of a week. In so doing the dewdrops of nectar of auspicious blessing drizzles from the blue to the earth which on falling to anyone rinse out his or her sin of wrongdoings and as well clears all the obstacle of the lifetime into the vast space. This event takes place once every twelve month but however the precise timing for the start of such auspicious episode is determined only by astrologers, and shall be televised in advance for citizens. During the week long period of showery blessing, all the water bodies of the globe are contaminated with the nectar that can get rid of all the worldly impurities. This deletion of impurities shall not be rigid only to Buddhist cohorts, but to all the sentient being regardless of religion; it’s like a patient who is benefited not considering of whether he beliefs to the medicine or not. However, there would be slight distinction in the quality of merits gained depending on the strength of belief you cultivate during the event of receiving such blessing. 

Fig: Budhha Vairochana (Courtesy: Ebay)
The above paragraph enlighten the readers on spiritual significance of the day to the living beings of all realms. So now, the real crux of my critique start from this section of writing by stating that the celebration of feast arranged to observe ‘Blessing Rainy Day’ in every homes of ours is totally a shaggy dog story to the pains of great Vairocana sitting on the petals of thousand Buddha. Confused? Or gnashing your teeth to read the earlier line? But the fact is that the day mistakenly referred to as festival was celebrated with pork, beef, and alcoholic drinks but in reality it is a day supposedly to be meant to cleanse sins accumulated in the past, and devote to gain fresh merits for it is called as ‘Duechen’ which means great day of all time. Some smartly shield their views by saying that the day besides being marked as ‘Blessing Rainy Day’ also coincide the end of monsoon and start of harvest for farmers because of which they, together with their folks enjoy the feast. And if it were the reason for bulging the belly of animal slayers then the gods and goddess who prayed in the past for wanting such blessing day would unquestionably regret for their wish to delete the impurities of mankind which served no purpose. I do not have opposing view when it comes to celebration like arranging archery match or outdoor darts as it is the way of expressing our joy for having rinsed out the sins and diseases by the shower from heaven, but the contradictory part is that there are no such play-offs excluding meat and drinks from the menu of banquet at the end of the day. So, whatever be the reason, the day of great cosmic Buddha is now a platform for someone to swell their business by slaughtering thousands of childlike animals for quenching the thirst of many feast lovers.

So, brothers and sisters let us analysis it carefully and start new tradition of devoting in spiritualism at that particular day for the wellbeing of our-self and others. Or otherwise, the natural disasters, global climatic change, untimely rain, etc would not cease in this globe for not respecting the effort of Buddha Vairocana to delete the impurities of body, speech and mind of all life forms. Thus, save our-self and others from being not lucky to continue such auspicious day by refraining flesh and drinks at least for a day. May the gods and goddess be pleased to see the change in us, and inspire them to make another similar prays for our benefit. I would love to see all the readers to bring change during day. HAPPY BLESSING RAINY DAY in advance for next year.