Benefit of Taking Refuge in Guru Rinpoche

These days, when told to tag along the footstep of Milarepa or the great Asoka, many would ask for one more paths to nirvana since those paths were thought to be built only to men destined to become treasured figures of the globe. The tales of flying yogis or a prince being enlightened under a tree were thousands of years old. Those stories are now fading and renouncing the worldly pleasures in search of eternal bliss is also losing ground. But the Vajra Guru Drupthop for a second time taught the world of how an ordinary man can be liberated without submitting yourself to much difficulty.

Vajra Guru Lam was some time ago an ordinary layman who was born in a Bon family. Having live out the Bonism way of life, he was one time in opposition to philosophy of lotus born prince of Uddyana, the great master. With no respect he spoke many slandering words against Bodhisattvas, especially to the Guru Rinpoche. But the fact of why such a doubting Thomas later took refuge in Padmasambhava was untold and remains as a mystery of the tale. It may be a contradicting situation but the lotus born prince would for all time sanctify those who remember him not considering who he is.

He the Vajra Guru Lam travelled into many vales and peaks in search of haunted sites like caves, cliffs, cremation grounds, etc. He meditated in those ghostly sites reciting the Vajra Guru Mantra to challenge evils and in the due course overcome the fears of death. A time came where he overwhelmingly achieved realization and liberation through recitation of the Vajra Guru Mantra. He then like a psychiatrist could read other’s mind and could also presage the future events for the reason that the locals called him as ‘Vajra Guru Lam,’ meaning the master of Vajra Guru Mantra.

In mid 1990s he turned out to be popular for his naked dance which was an atypical ritual art performed to eliminate all the sickness and catastrophes befalling a person. Therefore in some corners of Bhutan, particularly in my village (Korphu) he was known by the name ‘Pang Je Lam’ which means a master who shows the Phallus in crowd. His destitute lifestyle of wandering in woods and villages finally came to closing stage when his few rivals took away his eyesight by the art of sorcery. A master having rivals and they inflicting curse on him was just a twist of story resulted by karmic obscuration for disrespecting many Bodhisattvas in his younger age. The visually impaired master then settled his life in a haunted cave below Zhemgang Dzong where he spent years reciting the Vajra Guru Mantra.     

Fig: Vajra Guru Lama
He would have attended nirvana with rest of his stories untold to the universe if Urgyen Lama had not met him.  To him the stories of holy water oozing out of his hand prayer wheel  and seeing vision of Guru Rinpoche in Vajra land were revealed. As per the source, he the Vajra Guru siddha declared his death one week in advance on which it exactly becomes seven years from the time he saw Guru Padmasambhava’s vision, making the prophesy of recovering eyesight in seven years come true in view of the fact that he would see Guru Rinpoche after attending nirvana. Every crack of dawn was breathtaking to see three birds believed to be dakinis flying to circumambulate his body three rounds before flying off. More than thousand devotees poured down to pay their homage to the great Vajra Guru Drupthop.

At this verge, I humbly bow and go for refuge in Guru Rinpoche, the lotus born prince to clear away all our obstacles with power. I supplicate in the king treasurer reveler, the great Terton Padma Lingpa who blessed my land with compassion to lead us down the path of love. Lastly, I pray from my inner heart to your eminence the Vajra Guru Drupthop for being a paradigm to those who are yet to be enlightened.

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