Taklung Tshetrul Rinpoche Passed Away

We the devotees from Bhutan express our grief on passing away of His Holiness Taklung Tshetrul Rinpoche. Rinpoche was at Bodhgaya, India, for Moenlam Chenmo (prayers for world peace) when he passed away in the early hours of Wednesday.
The Remains of Rinpoche (Photo courtesy: Yeshe Dorje, FB)
Rinpoche was recognized as an incarnation of Ngog Choku Dorje, the one of the main pillars of Marpa; the other three include Turton Wangi Dorje, Meton Tsonpo and Milarepa. He not only was the throne holder of Dorje Drak monastery but as well the head of Jangter lineage (northern treasure) which originated from the treasures of terton Rigdzin Godem. After par nirvana of His Holiness Trulsik Rinpoche, he was then appointed as a supreme head of Nyingma tradition in the year 2012.
Their Holiness late Trulsik Rinpoche & Taklung Rinpoche (courtesy: Facebook)
Beside his tiring schedules, he traveled in all corners of Bhutan, India and Nepal to bestow instructions, empowerments and transmissions for the benefit of sentient beings. During his last visit in Bhutan, Rinpoche together with Dudjom Yangsi Tenzin Yeshi Dorje consecrated the Guru Ngangsi Zoelni statue at Takila, Lhuentse. Moreover, on request by His eminence the 11th Padma Lingpa aka Sungtrul Rinpoche, he consecrated Kenchosum (Triple Gem) Lhakhang in Bumthang which was renovated after it was damage by the fire.
Taklung Tshetrul Rinpoche (courtesy: Facebook)
So, in recognition to his contribution in spreading dharma in Bhutan, we the devotees would like to express our gratitude to Rinpoche and we join with the rest of Buddhist community in calling the Rinpoche from afar for his swift return. “OM AH HUNG” may the lotus born master take notice of our cry, and our yearning to meet the next Taklung Tshetrul Rinpoche be fulfilled.


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