World Naked Gardening Day 2016

“When you are out there with a gentle breeze on you, every last hair on your body feels it. You feel completely connected with natural world in way you just can’t in clothes,” the WNGD website reads.

This article of mine is on paper not with the meaning to uphold the nude event or to pass judgment on it but to share the happenings which some may not have seen or heard. World naked day is an annual worldwide nonpolitical event which happens after every twelve months on the first Saturday of May. It was founded as a project of Body Freedom Collaborative (BFC) on September, 2005 but later on the event timing was edited to May as to take temperature into account for the unclothed gardeners.

The day is in design to work with, rather than against the nature. More over it supports going nude in squares for guerrilla gardening but one can as well join the day by gardening nude in private property if they feel uncomfortable in public soils. One of the naturists wrote that the day is not about revealing body to others but to accept one’s body and live with nature on your own. Claire on her 200th videotaping anniversary which also overlaps with the 10th world naked gardening day says that she wore nothing than a smile on her face. 

The book of Genesis or the creation myth reads that in the times gone by, a nude couple Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden. Their desire for the fruit resulted in cursing them to go back into the dust of their origin, and also opened the eyes to their own nakedness. They from then were no more the nature’s offspring and began to cover themselves with leaves and loincloths. So, the founders of the gardening day may have thought that they or we shall only be linked to nature if not against what and how god made us; have down pat that no man was born with the garments. But in countries like Bhutan, such program of going naked for gardening shall be tagged as taboo. But if we carefully reflect for a second time, where is the forbidden mores when its comes to our naked festivals (read here) or what about the great Indian Kumbh Mela. 

There are critiques saying that myth of Adam and Eve is a depiction to rise of moral society rather than of fall from desire and deception. So akin to what critiques say, to support nude program could also mean that one is going back to ones origin of ape, and that is how degenerating or the dark age begins. If asked to think of nature, your third eye will take you into the peaks, see the pouring brooks, feel the breezing winds, and hear the chirping birds but the entire mental picture gets ruined when a mother ape is forced by her grownup offspring to do what we term as nature’s act. So, its not always wise to follow whatever the patterns nature weave.

Nevertheless, no matter what it may be, best wishes for the upcoming 12th annual world naked gardening (7th May, 2016) to the entire naturist for their efforts, after all it’s the inner contentment one seeks at the closing stages of every deeds. 


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